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Stag Studios is one of the largest and most established professional recording & rehearsal studios in Essex. Established in 2003, we are close to the town centre and situated conveniently just off the A12. We are easily accessible from both the North and South.​

Stag Studios offers a relaxed and creative atmosphere for rehearsing and recording. It is very spacious, covering approximately 4000 square/foot. It houses six high spec detached floating studios, so no bleed from other rooms. The recording suite was designed by the engineers from Sound On Sound magazine. The suite has a recently installed Presonus AI 32 track console, using the latest version of Studio One software completely integrated with iPad and iPhone. A huge array of professional plugins and VST instruments and tools such as the Waves Abbey Road series to give you that vintage feel, external amps like the Focusrite Liquid channel for exceptional vocals etc. The software enables complete control of the whole recording process with mixing, mastering and final CD to take away or upload your track directly online. The control room is coupled to a 260 square/foot live recording area, and a comfortable lounge to chill out in between takes!

The recording suite is coupled with our 2 square/foot Live Room, which is also a floating room (box in a box) so absolutely no bleed from other rooms or any external factors, Auralex acoustic treatments and angled walls designed with top acoustic consultants, this ensures the best possible sound when recording.

All six of our rehearsal studios are of a high standard. They are acoustically tuned to our custom design, which includes specially made “dense acoustic panels”. This ensures dynamic live sound wherever you are positioned in the room. Each studio is spacious and designed to have a warm, relaxed atmosphere. Perfect for creative types! Each studio is isolated from the next one, and soundproofed to a very high standard. This means you won’t have to listen to the band next door while you are trying to concentrate on your session!​ 

We offer excellent guidance, and advice, through every aspect of recording. We are committed to capturing the best from your performances. We use deluxe recording equipment combined with a comfortable, specially designed, studio. We offer excellent mixing and mastering services. Our experienced producer can enhance your recordings and ensure that the final product is of professional quality.

We have the technology, and skills, to guide you smoothly through the recording, and mixing, process. Your satisfaction is our top priority. We will do our upmost to make it a wholly enjoyable experience for you!

For information on Mixing & Mastering, please click HERE

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To find out more, or to book the studio of your choice, please click one of the studios below.  For an overview of all of our studios, please click HERE

Studio 6 can be booked by the hour, for £11 per hour (all day).

Recently revamped, this is now the largest of all our studios, with the newest speakers and mixer!

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