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Stag Studios take a different, more refreshing approach to Mixing and Mastering. We have the opinion that mixing, & mastering, should be done on a different day with “fresh ears”. Our experiences lead us to believe that more accurate judgements can be made by the band/ artist. Recording, however exciting, can sometimes be perplexing – so you may well need some time out before the mixing stage. Also, if your band is quite loud, it’s always advisable to relax your ears overnight. This way the integrity of the sound is never compromised, and suggestions are always more considered. We wholeheartedly recommend this.

However, we do understand that it is not always possible due to budget restrictions, but do not panic! Our engineer will have been protecting his ears throughout the session, using ear plugs, when working in the live area. This means his ears will be in perfect shape to work on your music if things all have to be done in the same day. In this case, for efficiency, the engineer will mix the music with the client(s) out of the control room. When the engineer’s mix is complete the client returns, listens thoroughly, and will be in an adequate position to make any necessary changes to the mix. Very often we work with clients on tight budgets and we can achieve fantastic professional results in minimal time. 

We understand how important your music is, and are committed to ensuring that we give you the best end product possible. We take as much pride in the recording, mixing and mastering as you do in your music. We have many returning clients who are happy to recommend us. We want you to be entirely satisfied too!

We keep your files, and mixes, for 8 weeks. So any edits, or mix changes, required must be made during this period. We recommend that you bring in a USB hard drive to take your own projects away. This means that you could return at any time to make changes to your mixes. How can we make minor changes to your mix weeks later after we have worked on several more projects since? Well, our high-end professional equipment allows us to store all the edits, volume envelopes, pan, mute and fader automation, effects settings etc... Our mixing desk has total recall and “flying faders”. This flexibility allows us to perform the most complex of audio moves that wouldn't be possible on a standard mixer even with a hundred fingers!

The mastering process has several stages of audio manipulation; it adds body, clarity and shine to the mix, making the project a commercial standard of sound. The art of mastering requires a lot of experience. It requires an optimal listening environment, high quality specialist equipment and software, and various stages of spectral manipulation. So leave it to us, your music is in good hands! Of course, if you have anything particular in mind, or a commercial recording you want your sound to be like, simply tell us and we will match it as closely as possible.

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