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Booking of Studio 2 is not available online.


To book Studio 2, please call us on 01376 502209 or 07702 076725. (Minimum Booking 3 Hours)


All other studios can be booked online, just visit the dedicated booking page for the studio that you'd like to book!

To Book RECORDING Time, Please Call Us On 01376 502209

Studio 2 incorporates a 2" riser to aid recording of certain acoustic instruments such as drums, cello's etc. The walls and ceilings are soundproofed to ~70db. The construction is top spec, the inner shells are floating on a 100mm solid concrete floor and totally isolated from the outer shells. The inner walls of the studio are treated with professional Auralex sound conditioning comprising of wedge foam panelling on the surfaces, LENRD bass traps in the corners and T-Fusors on the ceilings creating an awesome sound. The live mix of your band will be so good you'll think you're listening to a demo CD!

A pair of Mackie SRM-450 active PA speakers are supplied which are fed by a 14 channel Mackie mixing desk and a separate rack mount effects processor unit. Two microphones are loaned as standard with the room hire and more are available on request.


Studio 2 has recently been upgraded with ultra quiet, powerful slim-line air conditioning unit which will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter (quietly!).

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