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To book Studio 5, please click below to access the online booking calendar, or call us on 01376 502209 or 07702 076725.

(Minimum Booking 2 Hours)

Studio 5 is our largest room with fine tuned acoustics for a superb sound and unbeatable sound proofing. It houses a PA system that is capable of delivering 3500Watts of power; therefore great for practicing your stage presence in style!

The PA is capable of 150dB SPL and would blow away the average venue; therefore we do insist the volume to be kept at a safe level & ear protection is to be used for your own safety.

When hiring Studio 5 you have the option of paying for the full complete PA, which includes free hire of drum mics and extra vocal mics, or simply using the normal powered PA that you find in all our other studios, for which you can only put vocals and keyboards through. Please inform us of which PA set up you will requre.

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